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I'm D3ad, Episode 6 - Taylor Adsit

I'm D3ad 1 views 03/6/24

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A real life rock & roll star from Las Vegas? They exist and this week, Ashe sits down with Taylor Adsit, founding member of the band, Alura, as he fills her in on everything that happens behind the scenes in the Las Vegas music world. ...

I'm D3ad, Episode 5 - Dylan Petruska

I'm D3ad 7 views 02/21/24

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During this week's episode, we get weird and ramble on about love, longing and relationships in the modern world with Dylan Petruska. Come and rant with us about the modern torture that is dating apps, putting yourself "out there" in your 30's, and "hangout culture." You'll laugh so hard, you'll di3. ...

I'm D3ad, Episode 4 - Robin X

I'm D3ad 7 views 02/15/24

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Join Ashe for this week's episode with Robin X on mental health, ups and downs of dealing with depression and situational stress. And, more importantly, how to overcome it without doing anything that can get you arrested. ...

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